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Accessories are craftable and non-craftable items that fill the glove, foot, necklace, belt, bracelet, bracer, and charm slots of the player's paperdoll.

Except for boots, accessories do not appear on the character itself.


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
510 Arctic Gloves Yes No No
501 Blood Feast Gloves Yes No No
130 Caelic Gloves Yes No No
267 Dark Gloves No No No
716 Demia Gloves No No No
33 Everglade Gloves Yes No No
643 Greffen Gloves No Yes No
500 Hunters Gloves No No No
502 Hunters Power No Yes No
399 Midas Gloves No No No
286 Monstrosity Gloves No Yes No
504 Noel Gloves No No No
503 Penguin Gloves No Yes No
266 Power Glove No No No
745 Valiant Gloves Yes No No
759 Wicked Gloves No No No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
395 Ancient Necklace No Yes No
791 Arctic Pendant Yes No No
132 Caelic Choker Yes No No
51 Dragon Necklace No No No
50 Demia Necklace No No No
78 Everglade Pendant Yes No No
644 Greffen Necklace No Yes No
548 Iron Necklace No Yes No
832 Sandworm Tooth No No No
547 Tooth Necklace No No No
746 Valiant Choker Yes No No
760 Wicked Choker No Yes No
489 Xmas Earrings No No No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
480 Arctic Belt Yes No No
419 Blood Feast Belt Yes No No
454 Caelic Belt Yes No No
893 Demia Belt No No No
542 Elite Samurai Belt No Yes No
273 Everglade Belt Yes No No
640 Greffen Belt No Yes No
540 Hunter Belt No No No
541 Iron Belt No No No
7 Queens Belt No Yes No
742 Valiant Belt Yes No No
755 Wicked Belt No Yes No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
481 Ancient Ring No Yes No
478 Arctic Ring Yes No No
403 Blood Feast Ring Yes No No
152 Caelic Ring Yes No No
58 Demia Ring No No No
42 Everglade Ring Yes No No
544 Golden Fat Ring No Yes No
645 Greffen Ring No Yes No
374 Love Ring No Yes No
226 Panda Ring No No No
546 Skull Ring No No No
545 Snake RIng No No No
844 Star Ring No Yes No
747 Valiant Ring Yes No No
761 Wicked Ring No Yes No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
473 Ancient Bracelet No Yes No
479 Arctic Bracelet Yes No No
843 Bio Bracelet No Yes No
483 Blood Feast Bracelet Yes No No
573 Caelic Bracelet Yes No No
551 Clock Bracelet No No No
13 Demia Bracelet No No No
40 Everglade Bracelet Yes No No
641 Greffen Bracelet No Yes No
553 Mystic Bracelet No No No
229 Panda Bracelet No No No
552 Snake Bracelet No No No
743 Valiant Bracelet Yes No No
756 Wicked Bracelet No Yes No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped from NPC? Sold by NPC?
474 Arctic Bracer Yes No No
845 Bio Bracer No Yes No
353 Blood Feast Bracer Yes No No
12 Bone Bracer No Yes Yes
486 Caelic Bracer Yes No No
30 Demia Bracer No No No
41 Everglade Bracer Yes No No
642 Greffen Bracer No Yes No
54 Leather Bracer No No No
11 Rage Bracer No Yes Yes
744 Valiant Bracer Yes No No


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
68 Afterlife Charm No No No
790 Arctic Jewel No Yes No
233 Ancient Artifact No No No
439 Banana Charm No No No
129 Caelic Charm Yes No No
72 Copper Crystal No Yes No
786 Daddy Award No No No
437 Demia Charm No No No
75 Element Crystal No No No
578 Elite Badge No No No
367 Everglade Charm Yes No No
309 Family Heirloom No No No
78 Fire Crystal No Yes No
79 Gold Crystal No Yes No
45 Heart of Gold No No No
799 Heart of Stone No No No
76 Ice Crystal No Yes No
73 Iron Crystal No Yes No
554 Lava Crystal No Yes No
785 Mommy Award No No No
549 Rare Emerald No Yes No
77 Titanium Crystal No Yes No
71 Water Crystal No Yes No
758 Wicked Charm No No No