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Headgear, including hats and helmets, are craftable and non-craftable items that fill the headgear slot of the player's paperdoll.

ID Item Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
537 3D Glasses No Yes No
366 Amora Hat Yes No No
589 Antler Hat No Yes No
667 Arachnean Hat Yes No No


Arch Mage Hat No Yes No
313 Aviation Goggles No No No
665 B.B. Cap No Yes No
426 Barbarian Helm Yes No No
411 Black Cat Hat No No No
8 Black Magic Hat No No No
194 Black Scarf No No Yes
733 Bloodshed No Yes No
184 Blue Scarf No No Yes
183 Brown Scarf No No Yes
699 Bun Bun No Yes No
648 Bunny Mask No No No
289 Caelic Helm Yes No No
176 Cat Hat No Yes No
190 Chomps Hat No No No
214 Christmas Cat Hat No No No
246 Christmas Hat No No No
838 Copyfairy No Yes No
829 Corrupted Santa Hat No Yes No
315 Crestfall Helm Yes No No
840 Crimson Helm No Yes No
359 Dark Demon Horns No Yes No
530 Dark Ghost Hood Yes No No
404 Dark Halo No No No
827 Dark Sam No Yes No
754 DeepFreeze Samurai Yes No No
883 Demia Hood No Yes No
588 Demon Horns No No No
520 Dragon Skull No Yes No
452 Ducky Hat No Yes No
721 Easter Bunny Hat No No No
753 Elf Hat No Yes No
839 Elite Mafia No Yes No
792 Emerald Scarf No Yes No
181 Everglade Samurai Yes No No
490 Extravagant Ears No Yes No
401 Festive Wreath Yes No No
238 Flower Crown Yes No No
528 Ghost Sheet Hood Yes No No
261 Gift Box Hat No No No
196 Golden Halo No No No
173 Golden Mystic No No Yes
182 Glasses No No Yes
884 Green Scarf No Yes No
671 Guardian Crown No No No
180 Guardian Helm No Yes No
314 Hair Bow No No No
187 Hallowed Scarf Yes No No
701 Halloween Cat Hat No No No
606 Hidden Samurai No No No
266 Ice Fairy Halo Yes No No
212 Island Cap No Yes No
646 Jelly Cap No Yes No
178 Joker Hat No No No
521 Kabuto No No No
174 Keeks Hat Yes No No
668 Kings Crown No Yes No
830 Laurels No Yes No
885 Leprechauns Hat No Yes No
828 Light Sam No Yes No
351 Lucky Hat No No No
310 Luna Scarf No Yes No
219 Luna Scarf (Rare) No No No
666 Mad Hat No No No
529 Magic Hat No No No
592 Marine Helmet No No No
341 Matey Cap No No No
702 Merlin Hat No No No
721 Moogle Hat No No No
522 Naga Helmet No No No
511 Necro Hood Yes No No
703 New Vile No No No
605 Night Cap No No No
335 Old Rusty Helm No No No
591 Pimp Hat No Yes No
197 Pink Scarf No No Yes
523 Pirate Hat No No No
841 Platinum Helm No Yes No
535 Pot Hat No No No
392 Pumpkin Helm No Yes No
193 Purple Scarf No No Yes
436 Rebel Hat No Yes No
338 Red Magic Hat No No No
519 Red Samurai Yes No No
195 Red Scarf No Yes No
704 Robber Hat No Yes No
427 Sage Hat No No No
595 Santa Hat No Yes No
667 Scarlet No No No
448 Shades No Yes No
467 Shadow Scarf Yes No No
198 Shark Hat No No Yes
647 Shearling Hat Yes No No
334 Sheep Hat Yes No No
188 Silfer Helm No No No
186 Silver Halo No No No
524 Skeletal Hood Yes No No
731 Slime Crown No Yes No
455 Snail Battle Helm No Yes No
568 Snail Mail Helm Yes No No
385 Snowflake's Hat Yes No No
298 Snowmans Helm No No No
247 Soul Eater Hood No Yes No
451 Sunglasses No No Yes
202 Tan Cat Hat No No No
215 Thanatic Hat Np Yes No
189 Thief Hood No Yes No
371 Tiny Santa Hat No Yes No
608 Underwater Goggles No No No
718 Valiant Helm Yes No No
536 Vile Mask No No No
177 White Scarf No No No
719 Wolf Mask No No No
185 Yellow Scarf No No Yes
175 Zoot Hat No No No