A player can mine at Mines which can be warped to using the Magic Flute. A Pick Axe is required to mine. Ghost Miner drops Pick Axe and most materials that are obtained by mining. 

Mining LevelsEdit

Raising mining level unlocks the ability to receive different materials while mining. These materials can be used to craft items.

Level Unlock
0 Ancient Artifact
5 Copper Crystal
10 Iron Crystal
20 Gold Crystal
30 Ice crystal
40 Lava Crystal
50 Titanium Crystal
80 Copper Ore
100 Iron Ore
120 Gold Ore
140 Ice Ore
170 Lava Ore
200 Titanium Ore

Forge CraftsEdit

Gold OreEdit

Ice OreEdit

Lave OreEdit

Titanium OreEdit

Golden EggsEdit

Old Treasure MapEdit

Akatsuki (Male)Edit

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