Bones Underground Wiki

(This guide has been updated as of 8/13/2020)


Playing Bones Underground for the first time can be a bit daunting at first, considering that the game is quite massive in size and items. This guide is designed to give you an understanding of what to expect during your time playing, and a general understating of what you should be looking to do.

First, Some Useful Resources[]

  • Here is a link to a general map of Bones Underground. Use this if you ever find yourself having trouble navigating the game: Click Here
  • This Wiki has been fully updated as of 8/13/2020, so you will be able to find information on almost everything in the game on this website.
  • If you're not familiar with this type of game, the General Player Guide teaches you the basics in how to play the game, level up, and how to use various commands to make your time playing much easier.
  • Throughout your time playing, you will earn Achievements; these will sometimes give rewards, so we recommend visiting the page so you know what they are.

Understanding RPGs[]

At it's core, this game is a chat room with many basic RPG elements. As of now, the main goals you have are Leveling up, Getting Better Items, Completing Quests, and Speaking to Others.

  1. Leveling Up
    • Kill monsters, and complete quests to gain EXP.
    • The max level in this game is 246. When you reach that level, you will gain one Rebirth.
    • Each level gained gives you 10 stat points. You can spend these as you like in the stats menu, however it is strongly recommend to focus your stats into Agility (AGI) and Constitution (CON) first, as many monsters in this game have high health, damage, and evasion.
    • For more in-depth information on stats, please visit the General Player Guide page.
  2. Getting Better Items
    • You can gain items from monster drops, quests, purchasing from NPCs, and Crafting.
    • In Bones Underground, most useful items will be obtained through Crafting (for more information, visit the Crafting Guide page).
  3. Completing Quests
    • Quests are started by specific NPCs that generally have either a Red Exclamation Point, or a Green Question Mark above their heads.
    • All the quests available are listed in the Quest Guide in order of difficulty.
    • It is recommended to complete the following quests before attempting anything else in Bones Underground:
  4. Speaking to Others
    • Half of your experience in Bones Underground will be speaking to others using the chat boxes.
    • Talking to others can benefit you in terms of meeting others that can assist you, trading/buying/selling, and of course, making friends!
    • For any questions regarding how to use the chat system, please visit the General Player Guide.

Where to Start Training[]

When you first start, even after completing the few beginning quests you still won't have much damage. It is recommended to start training a bit to get some rebirths and increase your stat count. Great places to start would include the repeatable quests The Marian Outlet, and Kill Beetles.

Eventually once you are a bit stronger, you'll want to move on to Slime Valley, where you can find a few lower-leveled quests to gain some good Equipment, EXP, and begin to get immersed into some of the story in the game.

Where to Start Progressing[]

One of the biggest features in Bones Underground is it's rather large Crafting Chain. The first set that will get you started in this chain is the Valiant Set. These items can be crafted with drops obtained from Possessed Armor.

To see where the chain goes from there, please visit the Crafting Guide for a full list of items in each category.

Moving On![]

Past this point, you should have a firm understanding of how Bones Underground works, and what you should be looking to accomplish while you play. Please navigate the Wiki for anything if you have any unanswered questions. If you can't seem to find it, anywhere in the Guides section is a good place to start, or even put Speaking to Others to use and ask someone online!

That being said, a lot of this game is grinding levels to get stronger, so for that purpose we have made a Training Guide to guide you to the best places currently available on the game to make the grind less... grindy.

But most of all, Have Fun!