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Rebel's Grin is a melee item that fills the weapon slot of a player's paperdoll. As of August 2016, Rebel's Grin is the fourth best weapon in game.



Rebel's Grin was added in the Version 31 update in early 2015 and succeeded the Arctic Blade as the best weapon in game before being succeeded by Deep Ozean in the same version it was released.

Fun Facts[]

  • Rebel's Grin was designed and pixelled by Nerah.
  • Rebel's Grin was not pixelled to match the armor set, which was pixelled independently by Atrocityboy as a replacement for the Burkula item.
  • Rebel's Grin does not have an attack animation unlike it's predecessors.
  • Deep Ozean succeeded Rebel's Grin immediately, which was also added in Version 31.