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A rebirth (or reborn) occurs once a player reaches level 246 – the maximum possible level. The player's level will be automatically reset to 0, but will retain all stat points. A rebirth requires approximately 1.981 billion XP. Besides training on monsters, it is possible to obtain rebirths by completing certain quests.

A player can check their own or another player's number of rebirths using the #check command.


Class directly correlates with the player's total number of rebirths and can be viewed in the Online tab.

Name Number of Rebirths
Peasant 0
Villager 2
Adventurer 5
Warrior 10
Guardian 15
Champion 25
Master 35
Hero 50
Legend 75
Divine 100
God 150
Afterlife 246


An Afterlife is obtained after the player accumulates 246 rebirths. Afterlives are no different from regular rebirths and are purely cosmetic.