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Shields are craftable and non-craftable items that fill the shield slot in the player's paperdoll. Shields generally provide boosts to the armor and evade stats. Arrows are required to make use of bow weapons. Due to the limited number of slots, all wings double as arrows.


ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
674 Altor Shield No No No
630 Amora Arrows Yes No No
210 Amora Wings Yes No No
54 Arachnean Legs Yes No No
378 Arch Mage Book No Yes No
209 Barbarian Protector Yes No No
538 Caelic Protector Yes No No
340 Candy Cane Protector No Yes No
57 Crestfall Shield Yes No No
886 Duelist (Secondary) No Yes No
709 Jade Shield No Yes No
51 Jorogumo Arrows Yes No No
675 Legion Shield No Yes No
417 Ozean Shield Yes No No
55 Ozzy No Yes No
823 Player Sleigher No Yes No
379 Pumpkin Basket No Yes No
321 SQB2 Shield Yes No No
380 Scruffy No Yes No
432 Slime Shield No No No
711 Valiant Shield Yes No



ID Name Craftable? Dropped by NPC? Sold by NPC?
748 Aurei Arrows No Yes No
416 Christmas Panda No No No
749 Damaged Aurei Arrows No Yes No
301 Dark Wings No No No
425 Everglade Arrows Yes No No
888 Frost Arrows No Yes No
39 Gift Protector No Yes No
408 God Wings No Yes No
442 Nightmare Wings Yes No No
887 Pink Arrows Yes No No
575 Snail Mail Shield Yes No No