The Magic tab of the game interface displays all skills learned.

Skills are magic spells that a player can cast to aid themselves or other players in battle. Offensive skills can only be cast against other monsters or against players in PvP. Depending on the skill, healing skills can be cast against oneself or against allied player(s) to restore a set amount of HP. All skills cost a set amount of MP to cast, and there is a short delay between casts.

ID Name NPC Requirements Type
17 Bard Bard 10,000,000 bones Utility
24 Bones Wrath Spellmaster 5,000,000 bones Offensive
19 Boulders Spellmaster 500,000 bones Offensive
22 Dark Beam
29 Dark Bite
23 Dark Hand Skill Trader 5,000 bones Offensive
30 Drops of Jupiter Spell Master 10,000,000 bones Healing
4 Fire Volcanis Skill Master 6,000 bones Offensive
10 Fire Ball Serf Skill master 1,000,000 bones
Level 50
25 Fire Blast Volcanis Skill Master 8,000 bones Offensive
6 God Heal Serf Skill master 2,000,000 bones
Level 175
3 Group Heal Spellmaster 100,000 bones Healing
20 Heal Drop Skill Trader 100,000 bones Healing
21 Ice Blast Skill Trader 25,000 bones Offensive
18 Large Group Heal Spellmaster 2,000,000 bones Healing
8 Large Heal Skill Trader 25,000 bones Healing
12 Love Bite
1 Magic Heal Skill Trader 2,000 bones Healing
2 Magic Healing Volcanis Skill Master 10,000 bones Healing
11 Magic Shield
28 Magic Whirl Serf Skill master 1,000,000 bones
Level 75
7 Medium Heal Healing
27 Power Wind Serf Skill master 500,000 bones
Level 50
31 Pure Evil
15 Rain
13 Ring of Fire Spellmaster 100,000 bones Offensive
5 Small Thunder Offensive
26 Tentacles Volcanis Skill Master 50,000 bones Offensive
9 Ultima Blast Offensive
16 Whirl Offensive