Bones Underground Wiki

Hi everyone! Recently I took on a project to populate this wiki with all the content in the game. I know this is a big undertaking that will take me months and possibly years to complete but I think it will benefit the community greatly.


A wiki is a fantastic source of information that can educate you about items, NPCs, monsters, game features, concepts -- anything, really. With the addition of #item and #npc commands, a lot of information is accessible from within the client. However, details like the exact route to locate an NPC or the inventory image of a weapon are not available. The wiki also allows the user to see the evolution of BU by viewing discontinued content (after doing a clean up of the wiki, I discovered a huge amount of items and NPCs that are not in the game anymore... It's interesting to look at).


At the time of this article, I am in the process of adopting the wiki to gain bureaucratic rights to it so I can make changes to the wiki's CSS and protect vulnerable pages from vandals. Having these rights will also allow me to give rights to those of you who wish to help manage the wiki. As of July 2017, there are no active admins so I've taken it upon myself as the founder of this project to put in a request. Please visit the page and voice any comments or objections you may have with regards to this.


My friend and I are populating the linked on the main page which will show what content still needs to be added (articles that don't exist are coloured in red). I am also adding templates so that there is consistency, and future editors will have a backbone to reference when creating their own articles. Some temporary reorganization has been made to the main page to look neater until there is an active admin who can access the theme builder and change the design.

How you can help

At this time, I am hoping to get volunteers to help me complete the Monster List, NPC List, and the data for all items under the 'Items' header on the main page. Just about all items are listed; it's just a matter of typing #item in-game and retrieving the necessary data. There are over 500 NPCs/monsters and close to 1,000 items, but I believe that if we work together we can complete it quickly and it'll be smooth sailing from there!

If you would like to help but you're not sure where to start, or if you need help with editing the wiki, please feel free to post on my talk page or contact me in BU. My character name is Aura. Thank you and I hope that together we can make this project a success!